Troyanos N2 is a refurbished smartphone of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the 100% free/libre operating system Replicant in place of android, with focus on freedom and privacy of the user.

Replicant is based on LineageOS, and overrides, or avoids, each component system owner. Each component is free or DOES NOT WORK, such as *wifi and bluetooth, among others (see table). Besides, a store (fdroid) comes preinstalled for installation of free apps or open.

The difference in having a smartphone with replicant in place of android is the replacement of the components not in free as much as possible, and the removal of parts that spy on user (backdoors or rear doors).

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Another point mentioned is that parts of the smartphone depend on non-free software to work, they are "removed" or blocked from the system so that not work, in this case some components may be replaced externally as wifi and bluetooth, but others like there is no free replacement 3d acceleration at the moment, then you can try a certain slowness or locking in applications that rely on this functionality.

*Note: If it is in the customer's interest, we can install some non-free software for a better user experience. Case like wifi and bluethooth can work with non-free software. Not ideal, but can improve userability. Leave your interest before buying. Using an external adapter may be useful if using non-free software is intolerable to you

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galaxy note 2

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