Wireless N USB adapter TY-WN721N allows you to connect a desktop or notebook computer to a wireless network and have access to a high-speed Internet connection. Compatible with the IEEE 802.11 n, it offers wireless speed up to 150Mbps, which promotes online gaming applications or even streaming video.

Speed of Wireless N 150Mbps-Stable Wireless signals

Based on the IEEE 802.11 n, TY-WN721N demonstrates excellent abilities to mitigate loss of data over long distances and through obstacles in a small office or large apartment, even in a steel-and-concrete building. Above all, it is possible to connect easily to wireless network for long distance connections, while products that work with 11 g technology does not allow for the same application.

The assessment of free channels (CCA-Clear Channel Assessment) avoids conflicts automatically using your channels feature of selection of free channels, and takes full advantage of channel binding, significantly increasing the performance in wireless network.

Download file for installation

The TY-WN721N adapter is offered without a CD. What is offered in place is an installation file, from your favorite distro, downloaded on our website. Just log in to your account and download, any problem is just get in touch. Or you can download direct from the repository of your operating system.

Installation via distro repository

In distros derived from ubuntu (trisquel, linux mint ...) you may need to install a package with:
sudo apt-get install ath9k-htc-firmware

In Debian 8 is the same command. No 9 may have a bug and you need to edit this file:
nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

and add this line:
wifi.scan-rand-mac-address = no

In distros derived from the arch linux (parabola, manjaro ...)
sudo pacman -S ath9k-htc-firmware

Installation and setup instructions are in the quick access guide.

Note: This usb dongle wifi is a remastered adapter from tp-link, the reason for hiding the original manufacturer's name is giving credit to our work; to find and find adapters that work with free software, something that the original manufacturer did not care or did not bother to inform in their manuals the compatibility with the gnu/linux system.
The compatibility is with 100% free distros (Trisquel, Parabola, PureOS ...) and debian Man, but most likely will work in less strict distros like (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora ...)

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