libreCMC is a GNU/Linux distro 100% free/libre based on openWRT and developed for devices with very limited resources. Usually is offered mainly routers, but offers support for a wide range of devices and use cases. In 2015, LibreWRT merged with libreCMC.

Why use a router with free software and it's probably more expensive than the devices to sell at retail? The answer is how much you're willing to fight for your freedom in the area of informatics. Freedom in this case is the ability to use the device you purchased for any purpose and in any circumstance, even if the user does not run in code the most experienced community makes this work.

Another point to be considered is that private routers can suffer attacks of invasion to be outdated and supplied with a default password known all over the world, to opt for the libreCMC, as well as freedom, privacy is also a consequence.

Troyanos TY-WR741ND is a refurbished router tp-link of same model, modified and changed with the free software libreCMC.

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